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Time to get pretty
on the inside too!

Like it or not, a regular structured detox is crucial in order to maintain great health, smooth digestion, strong immunity, beautiful skin, healthy weight and happy moods. Stress, pollution, poor food choices, all this bad stuff builds up, bit-by-bit, until we are carrying around a lifetime of toxins that make us feel way less than wonderful. And by toxins, I mean a build-up of old undigested food, chemicals, pesticides, candida, parasites and other nasty residue that clog up our insides and weigh us down.

Why fast during the detox ?

Digestion takes up to 70% of total daily energy. That’s a lot. Fasting is one of the best way to help your body clean up, restore and heal itself. It is an ancient, most powerful healing technique. This product is designed to give you the same results of Intermittent Fasting but without the starvation. Plus deliver a much more effective cleansing result.

"Think of this as your time to slow down, relax and let go. A bit like a mini-break, but without too much fun."

30 highly detoxifying sachets.
No solid food.
Your choice of liquid diet.
Yes you can
Wo(man) up.

The 3 Day Digestive System Detox is a complete fasting program that replaces all your regular meals for three days. The programme has been carefully designed for food addicts (that’s most of us, then) and it will keep you feeling full throughout

This is a powerful program. It is going to rejuvenate and reset your whole digestive system. It is going to transform your energy levels and bring back that overall sense of wellbeing that you’ve been missing.

YES. In just 3 days.


This 3 Day Digestive Detox will prove that you can survive three days without food. Not only that, but it will show you (yes, you are going to see it) just how much junk you were carrying around in your colon. Unlike other detoxes, this one actually guarantees visible results. But don’t start panicking it’s not a laxative, just a very effective type of fibre.


This is the only detox product in the world that contains Oil Palm Tree fibre – a powerful cleansing ingredient that absorbs, catches and binds with waste inside your body, then helps it all slip out effortlessly and painlessly. It will help you get rid of years of ‘abuse’ that you’ve been carrying around with you and you’ll be surprised (shocked, probably) by what you’ve been storing inside all this time.


The fasting process allows your digestive system to eliminate that hard-to-remove waste and rebuild damaged cells and tissues. You won’t necessarily need to pause your normal daily routine, but it’s worth taking a few days to prepare before you start. Probably best not to plan anything major during the three days of the programme either.

In just 3 days this detox will:
Remove harmful toxic build-up from your intestines and colon
Purify the entire digestive system and re-activate proper digestion
Minimise food intolerances
Help to lose stubborn fat, flatten the belly and speed up the metabolism
Improve digestive activity and the absorption of nutrients
Strengthen your immune system and support all your healing processes naturally
Give you tons of energy immediately on completion

Before your detox

Mean it.
Prepare for it.
I believe in you.

Before you start, let's get something clear. This is a detox. You are going to have to prepare for it, at least few days before. The better you prepare, the easier it will be.

To keep dizziness, headaches and bloating at bay, it's a good idea to spend three to five days reducing your calorie intake and eliminating those bad habits.

If you want long-lasting results and a healthy transformation, you have to take things seriously and stick to the plan.

No way! No alcohol, black tea or coffee in the week before or minimum 2 days prior.
Try going Vegan for a few days.
No sugary or fried food in the week before or minimum 2 days prior.
Okay! Go for lighter meals few days before, don't try to stock up on calories before your detox.
Wheatgrass is great. Start taking a few days before to help kick off the detox process or any other green superfood powder of your choice such as chlorella, spirulina or green vegetable juices.
Drink plenty of water, coconut water and herbal teas like nettle, milk thistle, mint, camomile and rooibos etc.
Light exercise and saunas would be great but remember to replace your lost fluids.