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“I feel so much lighter, I lost 3 kg over the week and for the first time my stomach is completely flat!”


“This detox is magic! I can’t believe I have been storing all these toxins inside of me.”


“I’ve had headaches and was a bit tired during it, however the cleansing effects are pretty mind-blowing. I am totally recommending it to all my friends.”


“I used to always get bloated before from dairy foods and after this detox, miraculously I can enjoy it again without any symptoms. This is amazinggg!”


“Really impressed with it. Never done one before where I didn’t feel hungry at all and still had energy to go about my normal life. Also, definitely fell like it properly cleared everything out. This morning went back to normal, didn’t eat for 3 days, but had so much energy to even go and work out.”


“Wasn’t hungry at all. The sachets kept me full. And now fortunately unfortunately I am off caffeine. Don’t even crave it anymore. Before I always had to start with caffeine every morning in order to function. This is awesome.”


“I successfully completed it. I feel so light and good, just checked my sugar and after ages it was 99. Last time it was 124. Thank you so much for this detox!”


“OMG!!! I feel fantastic!!!! Finished the detox yesterday and I feel like a different person. Thank you SO much! I definitely don’t think there are any toxins left in my intestines … You know what I mean!”