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8 thoughts on “Gut Health Webinar Replay

  1. Hi, I would like to enroll myself for the webinar- considering we can play the recording any number of times later and complete to watch it whenever we have time!? Hope that’s how it is.
    What’s the process of registration – I am from India.
    Thanks, Tanvi

    1. Hi Tanvi, yes exactly, once you have purchased webinar, you will get an invitation and you will be added to the online access. You can then watch it LIVE or if you miss it, you will receive a recording of the entire Webinar and you can re-watch it anytime after. Thats the beauty of online webinars, anyone can join from any parts of the world, at anytime. Health Nag x

        1. Hi Manisha,yes you can replay it after at anytime. You will get a direct link to access it and after it ends to watch it at anytime.

  2. Would this webinar be helpful if my gallbladder is removed!? I am going thru many digestive issues, hormonal imbalances and annoying mood swings !!
    Appreciate your reply

    1. Hi Tamar, yes because I will be giving a lot of information for hormonal balance and digestion, and simple bio hacks that will help.

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